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1 Introduction

This form contains a series of questions that need to be answered. Please complete ALL the fields in the questionnaire below to produce a Conformance Statement for your organization's TOGAF Training Course. Your completed form must be submitted to the Certification Authority as part of your application for accreditation. Please note that all information in this Conformance Statement will appear on the public Accreditation Register, except for Revision History, which shows the changes in this Conformance Statement from previous versions and is contained at the end of this document.

Upon acceptance, the details of this Accredited TOGAF Training Course (ATTC) will appear on the Accreditation Register of the certification site.

2 Submitter Information

Enter the full name of the Organization that is registering this TOGAF 9 Training Course:
Better Poland Sp. z o.o

Enter the name of the author of this Conformance Statement:
Łukasz Wrześniewski

Enter the name of the training course:
TOGAF® 9 Foundation and Certified (Level 1 and 2)

3 General Course Information

3.1 Relationship to Other Courses

This is our first accreditation.

If this Training Course uses the same training materials as another TOGAF Training Course that you provide that is already accredited, or for which accreditation is in process, please identify that course here:
This will be our first accredited course. We use The Open Group official training materials to provide it.

3.2 Responsibility

Enter the name of the ATTC Manager with overall responsibility for the quality and integrity of the Training Course:

Łukasz Wrześniewski

3.3 Type of Course

QUESTION 1: Which of the following course types do you deliver for the training course named above?

QUESTION 2: What delivery methods are supported?

If Other, please explain below.

3.4 Examinations

QUESTION 3: Do you offer an examination as an integral part of your training course?

Select from these alternatives:

If "Sometimes", provide brief details below.
The participants of the training will choose their way of certification. There will be possible tree ways: to pass internal exam during the course, to pass exam in Prometric centre or not to take part in exams (participant only will take part in training).

3.5 Language

QUESTION 4: Is part, or all, of your course available for delivery in a language other than English?


3.6 On line content

QUESTION 5: Is part, or all, of your training course delivered online?

If "Yes", provide access details below

If "No", you may provide an explanation (optional)

4 Revision History

Revision Date of Completion Reason for Revision
1.0 January 2009 Initial release of TOGAF 9 Training Course Accreditation CSQ
1.1 February 2009 (Q2) Delivery methods added, (Q5) revised
1.2 February 2011 Updated 3.5 Language
1.3 May 2011 Updated 3.3 Course Type