Register of Accredited Courses

Accreditation Register

TOGAF 9 Accredited Training Courses

There are 67 courses from 63 organizations.

Certification of individuals and accreditation of training courses is currently to the TOGAF® Version 9.1 standard. All courses listed below are training attendees in TOGAF® Version 9.1.

OrganizationCourseFirst AccreditedRe-Accreditation DateConformance
Ahead Technology Inc.TOGAF 9 Certified-Combined Program1-Jun-20111-Jun-2017
ALC GroupTOGAF® 9 Level 1 & Level 2 9.11-Jun-20151-Jun-2018
AnywhereTOGAF 9 Version 224-Sep-200924-Sep-2018
Archi TactsTOGAF 9 Intensive (Levels 1 and 2) 9.113-Nov-201513-Nov-2018
ARISMORETOGAF 9 Certified20-Oct-200920-Oct-2018
Sparx Services North AmericaTOGAF® Mastery v1.025-Jan-201025-Jan-2019
ATD Solution (ATD Learning)TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified (Combined Level 1 and 2) v9.124-Oct-201224-Oct-2018
ATE EnterprisesTOGAF® 9 for Practitioners30-Oct-201530-Oct-2018
AVICIT [Duplicate of 26765]TOGAF 9: Theory and Practice Version 9.11-Mar-20161-Mar-2019
Advised Skills LtdTOGAF® 9 Course6-Aug-20136-Aug-2019
Biner ConsultingTOGAF® 9 Training31-Aug-201031-Aug-2019
bitil.comTOGAF 9 Certified31-Mar-201431-Mar-2017
bitil.comTOGAF Foundation14-Mar-201314-Mar-2019
BIZZdesign Holding B.V.TOGAF 921-May-201021-May-2019
Build The Vision Inc.EA Using TOGAF 96-Dec-20106-Dec-2019
CapgeminiTOGAF 9 Training18-Jun-200918-Jun-2018
Capgemini AcademyTOGAF® 9 Foundation (level 1)2-Nov-20102-Nov-2019
Capgemini AcademyTOGAF® 9 Practitioner (level 2)1-Jun-20121-Jun-2018
Capgemini AcademyTOGAF® 9 Certified Training (level 1 and 2)5-May-20095-May-2018
CC and C SolutionsEA EXpress(powered by TOGAF 9) V4.021-Jul-200921-Jul-2018
ConexiamTOGAF 9 Training Course18-Dec-201218-Dec-2018
Detecon International GmbHBusiness Transformation with EAM and TOGAF 1.09-Apr-20109-Apr-2019
DUX DILIGENSTOGAF 9 Training Course Version 2.030-Aug-201130-Aug-2017
EA Principals, Inc.TOGAF® 9 Course23-Nov-201023-Nov-2019
EA-XpertsTOGAF 9 Training 1.09-Oct-20159-Oct-2018
EA Dynamics UK LtdTOGAF(R) 9 Practitioner Certification Training Level 1 and 216-Sep-201116-Sep-2017
EdurekaTOGAF® Training28-Sep-201628-Sep-2019
EA Learning Pty LtdTOGAF® 9 Level 1 & 2 Classroom25-Feb-201024-Feb-2019
EturntiTOGAF 9 Combined Level 1 and 2 EA for Practitioners TOGAF 9.130-Sep-201530-Sep-2018
Firebrand TrainingTOGAF 9 Certification Version 9.17-May-20147-May-2017
Front Metrics TechnologiesTOGAF 9.112-Jan-201612-Jan-2019 
Glenfis AGTOGAF Certified Level 24-Mar-20134-Mar-2018
Global Knowledge Training LLCTOGAF® for practitioners20-Jan-201420-Jan-2020
Gnosis IT Knowledge SolutionsTOGAF® 9 Certified - Arquitetura Corporativa 1.023-Apr-201323-Apr-2019
Good e-LearningTOGAF® Foundation 9.11-Dec-20111-Dec-2017
Good e-LearningTOGAF® 9 v9.130-May-201330-May-2019
Infosys LimitedInfosys TOGAF 9 Certified Training 1.04-Mar-20104-Mar-2019
InspiredPractical TOGAF 9 v9.129-Jul-201029-Jul-2019
Itera - IT Institute IberoamericaBOUNDLE: Foundations + Applying Enterprise Arquitecture Using TOGAF® 114-Jan-201114-Jan-2020
ITpreneursTOGAF® 9 Training Course4-Apr-20134-Apr-2019
Jodayn (dup)TOGAF® Foundation and Certified 9.122-Jul-201122-Jul-2017
JPCONEnterprise Architecture and TOGAF®22-Jul-201322-Jul-2019
Knotion Consulting TOGAF 9 Certified10-Mar-200910-Mar-2018
KnowledgeHut Solutions Pvt. Ltd.TOGAF® Prep Course (Level 1 and 2 Combined) v9.114-Dec-201614-Dec-2019
Learning Tree International USA, Inc.Preparing for TOGAF® Certification30-Sep-201530-Sep-2018
Manipal Global Education Services Private LimitedArchitect Readiness Program 9.110-Aug-201610-Aug-2019
Metaplexity Associates Inc.Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF 9 v3.15-May-20095-May-2018
Management Institute of Finland MIF OyTOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified 2.08-Sep-20098-Sep-2018
National University of Singapore, Institute of Systems ScienceCertified Enterprise Architecture Practitioner Programme v9 Version 110-May-201010-May-2019
netmind SLTOGAF® Foundation and Certified 123-Dec-201323-Mar-2017
Mundo CognitoTOGAF v9.1 Combined11-Nov-201511-Nov-2018
Proya Profesyonel Yazilim Cozumleri ve Danismanlik LtdTOGAF 9 Certification Course v9.19-Mar-20169-Mar-2019
QA LtdTOGAF® 9 Foundation and Certified V121-Oct-201021-Oct-2019
Real IRM Solutions (Pty) LtdTOGAF 9 Certification Training 127-Apr-200927-Apr-2018
ReGIS Inc.TOGAF 9 Training Course in Japan Version 1.020-Jan-201019-Jan-2018
SE7TiTOGAF® 9 Certified26-Jun-201526-Jun-2018
Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC)TOGAF 9.19-Oct-20159-Oct-2018
Shanghai Information Training Center (SITC)TOGAF Foundation and Certified Level 1 and Level 2 9.11-Mar-20161-Mar-2019
Shift Technologies LLCTOGAF® Certified Training 9.125-Feb-201025-Feb-2019
SimplilearnTOGAF 9 Combined level 1 and level 2 training course v9.126-Sep-201426-Sep-2017
SkillMetrix Knowledge ServicesTOGAF 9 Level 1 & Level 2 Combined Program v9.120-Jul-201620-Jul-2019
SNA Technologies Inc.TOP (TOGAF 9 Operational Pragmatic) 923-Dec-200923-Dec-2018
TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbHTOGAF 9 Training Course 9.112-Feb-201412-Feb-2017
The Knowledge AcademyTOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Version 9.114-Feb-201214-Feb-2018
The Unit bvTOGAF® 9 Certified training29-Feb-20121-Mar-2018
Web Age Solutions Inc.TOGAF 9 Training Course (Level 1 & 2)20-Mar-201320-Mar-2019
ZPEDUTOGAF®理论 与实践22-Sep-201622-Sep-2019